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Our mission

Our mission is to ensure your asset is financially monitored, protected, rented, and maintained through our streamline hassle-free system that provides you the security and peace of mind that your investment is fully protected under our Management Plus Program.

Leasing and Marketing

Our team ensures efficient and timely leasing to approve tenants to keep your property leased. We provide all leasing agreements, addendum, and all the contracts necessary in accordance with local regulations. Our agents thoroughly inspect the property before and after each tenant by documenting a detailed list assessing the condition, and any change in condition, for each tenant’s move-in and move-out. We document these issues through an in-depth inspection, detailed photos, and a comprehensive report. We also keep you informed of all neighborhood activities including properties for sale, sold, leased, and the pricing matrix of all of these transactions.

Tenant Screening & Selection

We implement a high level of quality control through our screening & selection process to ensure you have the highest quality of tenant in-place. We want you to have the peace of mind that the tenant in your investment property is of high integrity and qualified to be a productive and responsible tenant. In the unfortunate event of any misconduct, damage and/or nonpayment, we take action immediately and document each instance to the proper authorities and pursue action to remedy or evict the in-compliant tenant.

Rent Collection

Our program provides an abundance of options for tenants to pay their rent and ensure an on-time payment. We offer online payment with, credit cards, PayPal, Apple pay or old-fashion checks. We expeditiously deposit these funds in an account of your choice in the method of your choice. Our system is also set up to auto-pay any mortgage you would like.

Regular Inspections and Reports

Detailed inspections are completed to ensure tenants are complying with the terms and conditions of their lease. We assess the property for damage, appliance functions, wear and tear and a complete checklist comparison for any changes during tenancy.

Cost-Effective & Reliable Maintenance

We have long relationships in-place with appliance, electrical, plumbing, flooring, roofing, lawn, and handy man services to ensure very cost-effective and reliable services. Our process immediately addresses any issue with a complete evaluation and act immediately to remedy the problem and secure your investment from any further damage.

Comprehensive Accounting

Our software and personnel track and monitor all financial transaction through an accountable and transparent system. We provide financial records of all transactions and detailed reports on itemized bills, deposits, costs, and end of year reporting. You will always feel confident that we secure your investments with proven technology that provides your financial accounts are maintained to the highest level. We also will work with your accountant to provide them with the reports necessary for your end of the year tax documentation.

Find out today how our Management Plus Program will make owning a rental property hassle free 24/7. One of our specialists will get right back to you.