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Capital Real Estate Brokerage

Capital Real Estate Brokerage is a full-service real estate company, family owned and formed, and developed with an entrepreneurial spirit over 20 years ago. We take to heart that each client has specific goals and we dedicate ourselves to accomplishing those goals. We tailor our resources to develop a comprehensive game plan to address every question along the way and negotiate the most favorable deal. Specializing in relationship-based personal service and a true commitment to preserving those relationships with our clients, Capital Real Estate Brokerage implements the highest level of performance to enhance, maximize, and secure your real estate investments.

Residential Real Estate

We handle all of your needs from buying, selling and leasing. Our focus is finding your new home and negotiating the most advantageous and favorable price. We save you money, help increase value and secure and protect your investment.

Property Management

One of your largest and most valued investments deserves to be managed and maintained with the highest level of care. Our Management Plus Program ensures your investment is protected, maintained and worry-free 24/7

Commercial Real Estate

We have a vast amount of experience in commercial real estate including leasing, retail, office, industrial, development, and land. Utilizing over 20 years of commercial real estate experience we provide a personalized experience not available to other investors.

Capital Real Estate Brokerage

We love this business and the connections and friendships we are able to form with our clients.  As your real estate broker, we know the potential challenges within the market and maneuver and negotiate around those with experience, knowledge and a true passion for your goals.

We base our success on your satisfaction and we accomplish this through extensive market knowledge, experience, and dedication to each client individually.  We take the time to understand your concerns and walk you through every step of the process.  By providing comprehensive documentation and reports, we ensure you are well informed and confident in the process.

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